Engraved Memorial Wind Chime | Customized Sympathy Gift | Wings Were Ready

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This beautiful wind chime honors your loved one like no other. The bamboo wood windcatcher is engraved with "Your Wings Were Ready But My Heart Was Not"  and personalized with your loved ones name and dates.  Remembering our loved one with the soothing sound of the opening measures of Amazing Grace Chime will bring comfort.  Chime is available in two sizes. 

Woodstock Percussion Wind Chimes are tuned using a computerized tuning process in order to achieve incomparably beautiful sound. Once you hear the beautiful tones created by these magical chimes, you will understand why they are so popular around the world.


  •     Measures Medium Chime measures 25" overall and Large Chime measures 40" Overall
  •     8 silver anodized aluminum tubes
  •     Laminated ashwood striker and sail for added durability
  •     Relaxing tones based on medieval scale
  •     Precision computerized tuning method
  •     Tuned to C, D Eb, F, G, A, Bb, C
  •     Tuned to the opening measure of Amazing Grace



To listen to this chime just click on the videos section.