Custom Design Welcome Doormat

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Make your own custom welcome doormat here.  You choose your own wording and design with our clip art or your photographs.*  Create this one-of-a-kind doormat for yourself or as a gift.  Our doormat has a carpet surface and comes with a heavy rubber backing. Your design is dyed into the carpet and is ideal for indoor or covered outdoor entry use.  This heavy-duty mat measures 18x30 and comes with a heavy rubber backing.


  • Size 18x30
  • Rubber Backing
  • Indoor/Covered Entry Use

 * Picture and Logo Submission Policy

 We cannot use any copyrighted logos that do not belong to you, so please only submit logos and photos that are owned by you.  If you are looking for a specific image that we are not offering you can use either or to search for an image you like.  These specific websites offer only public domain images and are free and legal for us to use.  However, images just copied from a google search are not legal to use.  If you submit a copyright logo copied from the internet we will not be able to complete your order.  We take copyright very seriously and research every photo to make sure it is legal before printing it.  Please feel free to call before placing the order if you have any questions.  Our toll free number is 877-963-4363.

 If you would like us to design the mat for you just give us a call and let us know what your looking for and we will be happy to do the designing for you.