Custom Grandparents Doormat Loving Life and Grandkids

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This personalized grandparents doormat will make a special unique gift that lists out all of their grandchildren's names.  Another way they can proudly brag about their grandchildren as all their guests will certainly comment on it.  Customize your grandparent doormat with any title and their last name.  There is not name limit on the grandchildren so list out as many as you need.   Depending on how many names will determine if one or two lines will be used and how big the font will be.  The sample picture lists out 13 names.  Our doormat has a carpet surface and comes with a heavy rubber backing. The design is dyed into the carpet and is ideal for indoor or covered outdoor entry use.  This heavy-duty mat measures 18x30 and comes with a heavy rubber backing.


  • Size 18x30
  • Rubber Backing
  • Indoor/Covered Entry Use